Death to the Will-o'-Wisp

Session 20

We finally decide we can no longer suffer the wisp threat to our south. After some preparation we make our way towards the cursed island in H53.


After a massive battle with the Will-o-wisp we explore the collapsed tower and after some investigation we determined that we could use Hallow to suppress the effect that is drawing the wisps. We would need Dispel Chaos to remove the effect permanently (with the DC30 on caster level check with the Dispel Chaos).

After discovering this we made our way back to town to see if there was a Hallow scroll available in town, which is was. We then traveled back to the island and cast Hallow on the island, which will suppress the effect for a year.

We then make our way down to H36 to start the process of finish exploring the Greenbelt. In H36 there is nothing of note.

We then make our way to H43.

A ruined, circular keep looms out of the forest, surrounded by towering, ancient trees draped with hanging moss. Four circular towers sprout from the cracked walls like the trunks of great trees, at least one crumbled into rubble. Twisting vines and thick moss cover the walls in a coat of verdant green, blending the ruins almost seamlessly into the surrounding woods. The overgrown remains of a path lead to an open, arched gateway gaping in the keep’s eastern wall, its doors long since rotted away.

Thorn was able to tell from construction of the keep that it seems to be elven in nature.

As Thorn (who was leading the party) make his way into the keep the ancient portcullis slammed down as if it was some sort of trap.

Thorn noticed that in the south the that wall is broken and we could enter there.

A graceful tower rises out of the keep’s central courtyard, now overgrown with bushes, undergrowth, and several sizable trees. Like the outer walls, the tower is draped with vines and creepers, and several small plants have taken up residence on ledges and in cracks along its sides.

We head to the South East tower.

A wooden door made from roughly-cut timber planks, obviously of newer construction than the rest of the keep, blocks the entrance to this tower.

We knocked on the door and a voice invited us in. Once everyone but Brixos had made our way inside the door slammed shut and Brixos was attack by a creature.


The creature was very mobile and was able to attack Brixos and get away quickly.

Shortly after we all made it out of the tower we heard a voice coming from the North East Tower.

The northeast tower is open to the sky, its roof and interior levels having fallen away long ago.

Due to some unusually magic Gen and I thought it came from the North West Tower.

This tower stretches high into the sky, its upper reaches hidden in the forest’s canopy. The vines choking the tower’s exterior, which are festooned with bleached humanoid skulls, nearly obscure the dark arrow slits. At ground level, a closed wooden door hides behind a cloak of hanging vines.

The creature escaped over the wall but with my assistance (and Dimensional Door) we were able to stop him from running.

Caigwen was able to determine it was a Quickling.

On the body was:

+1 Short Sword
3 Blue Whinnis Poison

We continue to explore the keep.

In the South East tower we explore we discover the following treasure:

131 sp
27 cp
Gemstones worth 1,800 gp

In the North East tower we were attacked to two rat swarms, who were easily dispatched.


In the North West Tower we are attacked by an Assassin Vine before we can even investigate the tower.


After searching the tower we found locked chest which Brixos was able to easily open with this Adamantium Greatsword. As he was attempting to open the chest we were attacked by a Grimstalker.


In the chest we find:

Elven Cloak (10gp)
Gold Neckless (100gp)
Silver Ring with Emerald (300gp)
Bejeweled Masterwork Shortsword (500gp)
Moonstone (50gp)
760 sp
310 gp

We then explore the South East Tower.

The upper reaches of this tower have completely collapsed, filling the interior with debris and rubble.

After taking 30 minutes search the ruins we find long-forgotten elven artifact, a remarkably well-preserved mithral statuette of a beautiful elf woman wearing archaic robes, framed by an archway of mithral branches. The statuette is a representation of Findeladlara, the elven goddess of art and architecture.

We then make our way in the center tower of the keep.

This wide chamber has an impressive vaulted ceiling. Though obscured in places by earth and undergrowth, the hall’s floor is crafted of smooth stone tiles in multicolored pastel hues. The walls of the chamber are decorated with faded frescoes of sylvan life, showing scenes of beautiful elves engaged in hunting, feasting, dancing, singing, and a bewildering variety of other idyllic pursuits. To the west, a graceful, filigreed stone staircase, garlanded with flowering vines, climbs to the level above.

In the center of the room we find a trap that we are able to avoid, but nothing else of interest.

The stairs end in a circular room featuring wide windows draped with hanging vines that offer panoramic views of the keep’s overgrown courtyard and the forest beyond. An open circular skylight in the ceiling provides glimpses of the forest canopy overhead. The walls between the windows are carved with exquisite, delicate nature motifs highlighted in gold and silver leaf. A riot of flowers, plants, and bushes sprout from the thick loam that carpets the hall’s floor, as if one were walking in a fantastic glade elevated high above the forest floor.

Gen and Caigwen were somewhat surprised because they were not able to see the windows from outside while they were flying around. From behind flowers comes a beautiful dancing woman. Who quickly ensorcelled Brixos, Thorn and Gen.


After a complicated where we had to stop Brixos, who was Dominated by the monster.

After defeating the monster we searched the room for treasure. We found:

Life-sized alabaster statue of a nude, dancing elven woman (900gp)
Masterwork Harp
Carved Jade Statuette of a Coiling Snake (75gp)
Ancient Filigreed Elven Water Clock (1000gp)
Snow-white bearskin coverlet (50gp)
Royal Outfits (200gp) x 2
Courtier’s Outfits x 3
3 vials of exotic perfume (100 gp)
Gem-studded Tiara (350 gp)
Elixir of Love
4310 sp
3700 gp

We then spend the night in the keep.

Each Player gained 8628 XP and 1,656 GP and 2 SP 5 CP5.


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