Deep in to the Mine

Session 14

Following a very fine dinner with Farmer Brown and his family my companions returned and we spent the night with Farmer Brown and his wonderful family. The next day we made our way towards H49.

Enter H48
Enter H49

Once entering H49 we immediately see evidence of Wyvern activity, in the we see one of the monsters flying around. Gen begins the process of tracking it immediately so that we can take the monster down.


Gen then discovered evidence of wolf carcass and then we were more easily able to track it by following the trail of blood that was being left. As we approached we saw the wyvern drop the carcass into the hills, we approached the location that we thought the wyvern had dropped the carcass.

While investigating the Wyvern’s nest we discovered what was once an old mining site. After some discussion we decided to fully investigate the mine.

As we traveled into the mine we discovered a mining office that had been carved out of the stone of the hill. Continuing deeper we discovered a shaft that traveled down 450 feet into a pool of water several breaks in the shaft. The breaks are at 100ft (on the south side of the mine), 200ft on the (on the north side of the mine), 300ft (on the north side of the mine) and 350ft (on the south side of the mine). The shaft is 10×10. Gen climbed across the shaft to the other side where there was a 20×10 room with nothing of note.

After some discussion we decided to further explore more of the dilapidated building outside of the mine. While we were exploring those buildings we were attacked by a wyvern. It poisoned me with it’s tail attack and almost killed me. Gen and Thorn were able to fight the creature off while I treated my wound. After had killed the creature we hard another of it’s kind roar from inside of the cave. After about a minute of no response another wyvern charged out of the cave, in an attempt to kill us. No further wyvern’s emerged.

After some discussion we decided to explore the mine fully to have an idea of what value this
mine contains. This took us two full days to fully explore the mine.


The wyvern’s had clearly been nesting here for a while. We discovered quite a bit of treasure.

+ 2 Lance
+ 2 Ghost Touch Composite ( + 2 ) Longbow
Ring of Improved Climbing
Scroll of Animate Dead (Arcane)
Elixir of Hiding
Major Crown of Blasting

Also each play may select one item (worth 16k or less) to also be part of the horde.

Everyone gains 580gp and 1,250 XP


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