Waiting is the Hardest Part

Session 18

From Riverlake we make our ways towards H45 (Forest Hex) to explore it. We hard heard from the Swamp Women that a Crazy Old Man lives in this hex.

Near the center of the hex we first discover a cleared area that is clearly a garden planned to a sentient lifeform. We continue to make our way deeper into this claimed land and we finally come across the Crazy Old Man and his puma.

We talk for a while and discover that he is really crazy.

We then make our way to H59 from H45 by way of H52 and we discover that the the lizard men have abandoned their settlement.

We then spend a day exploring H59 and do not discover anything of note.

We then make our way to H67 and being to explore. While exploring H67 we are attacked by some Tatzlwyrms.


After defeating the Tatzlwyrms we we explore the hex and do not find anything of note.

We then move into H68 to explore that hex and find nothing of interest.

We then move into H69 and begin to explore that hex. Where we are attacked by a group of two owlbears.


We then continue into H70 to explore in which we find nothing.

We then make our way to H63 to explore in which we also find nothing.

Then we make our way into H62 to explore. While exploring we find cave.

A dark, gaping hole yawns in the side of a large, rocky hillock. The earth in front of the cave has been trampled flat, and shattered trees and stumps bear the marks of powerful claws. Tufts of dark fur are snagged in branches, and huge feathers litter the ground.

As we make our way inside.
The cave mouth widens into a large cavern filthy with carrion and offal. A bewildering variety of molds and fungi grow on the floor and walls, some as big as a person, and countless insects scuttle about underfoot, feeding on the mounds of waste. A large tunnel slopes down to the south, with a similar opening to the north.

Gen tested the offal and determined that it was from an Owlbear, specifically an owlbear pellet. Then shortly after that three creatures pull away from the way and attack.


During our combat with the Violet Fungus a Shambling Mound also move into the room to attack us.


It then takes us a hour to fully search the cavern. When we see the chamber we discover a Wand of Lightning Bolt (CL5, 33 charges)

Then we continue to search the cave.

Rotting leaves and other vegetation fill this small, irregular cavern. Water drips from slimy vines and roots that hang from the ceiling, collecting into puddles on the uneven floor. Three small openings, little more than wide cracks in the stone, lead to the northwest, southeast, and south.

After some discussion we send Brixos down on of the small openings to explore.

This narrow tunnel is only about five feet high and slopes gently to the south. Water drips from numerous cracks in the ceiling to flow down the passage in small rivulets.

While exploring this tunnel Brixos happened upon a false floor while dropped him into chamber containing some green slime. After taking some Con damage and destroying his leather gloves.

The ceiling of this huge cavern arches thirty feet into the air. A murky pool of water stands in the western portion of the cavern in front of a narrow passage, little more than a crack, that opens in the wall. Wider, sloping tunnels lead out of the cave to the north and southeast. A jumble of bones, rocks, fur, and feathers sits piled against the southern wall.
So in this cavern we find a body. He seems very much like a barbarian. He has some magical equipment on him:

+2 Chain Shirt
+1 Longsword
Ring of Bestial Friendship
2 Masterwork Throwing Axes
2 Potion Speak with Animal
Jar of Restorative Ointment
Vial of Antitoxin
2 Smoke Sticks
Tanglefoot Bag
2 Thunderstones
34 Gold

We are also able to scavenged 112 Gold from coins around the room.

We also find a map of Greenbelt with both the location of Riverlake and this cave.

We continue to explore the cavern.

A buzzing fills this cavern, which arches up to a height of twenty feet. At the southern end of the cavern, a wide ledge runs along the cavern wall at a height of about fifteen feet. Two tunnels exit the cavern to the north, one narrow and one wide. In the eastern portion of the cavern lies the giant carcass of some great beast, surrounded by at least half a dozen humanoid bodies.

After exploring the area we discover an owlbear cub. There are also 6 corpses in the room:

6 studded leather armor
6 light wooden shields
6 daggers
6 longswords
6 short bows
84 arrow
96 Gold

In the ceiling of the room there is a hole that was filled with webs, Kagwin sent a lighting bolt up the hole and out of it fell two ettercaps and 4 cave spiders.


As well as a body.

Leather Armor
Amethyst (100 Gold)
Gloves and Swimming

An opening leads outside onto a ledge on the southern face of the hill, and two smaller rooms open off the main cave to the east and west. In the rear of the cave, a wide hole drops into the earth.

We then spend the evening in that cave to determine where we are going to be traveling.

Every gains 3725 XP and 470 gold and 6 silver.


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