Fuck Will'o Wisps

Session 17

After some discussion we decided to gather the mushrooms we had promised the “Swamp Witch” in H46. We made our way to H54 and began to explore the H54 for the mushrooms.

Near the north center of the hex we came upon groves of mushrooms in a bubbling pool of mud between several hills. As we approached a strange creature emerged from the bubbling pool of mud and attacked.


Once the creature had been bested we decided to set the creature on fire. The next round he then stood back up and promptly feel back down because of fire damage and minutes later from the fire damage.

After searching the grove we were able to gather 16 rattlecap mushrooms. We head back to Old Bella Dame and give her the mushrooms and collect 1,600 gp in reward.

We then make our way to H53 to head out into the island in the center of the island. Thanks to waterwalk we are easily able to make our way over to the island.

When we approach the tower I discovered some tables that had been written in Aklo around the outside of the tower in small indentions. As we continued to investigate the island when Lyndis is attack by a will’o wisp.


During the combat we were quickly overwhelmed by these horrid creatures. After barely fighting off the creatures we retreated from the tower that was creating the fear effect that was seeming to attract the will’o wisp.

After some discussion we decided that we would return to the island once we had gathered the supplies necessary to fight the will’o wisp (read: Potions of Energy Resist).

To let off some steam we decide to take care of Old Crackjaw.


He was easily dispatched by Cagwin and Thorn. In the pool of water we discovered Element Gem of Water. We returned his body to Arven to claim our reward, which was a Ring of Feather Fall.

Everyone gained 5,150 XP


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