The Death of Grigori

Session 19

Upon the next morning we make our way towards H58, which was empty of anything interesting.

We then made of way to H61. We find a half collapsed ferry station, but it is currently is impassable. The ferry stations would make a suitable pier if we constructed a settlement on H61.

We then made our way to H60 and begin to explore. There were were ambushed by a Hill Giant.


Once we dispatched him he had almost nothing useful on him beside a map pointing to H57 saying “Mean Ugly Troll Men”. We also find a Wand of Hideous Laughter ( 10 Charges) and Necklace of Fireballs Type II (with only the 4d6 orb left).

We then make our way back to Riverlake.

Newly plowed fields have been torn up, trees have been knocked down, livestock has been slaughtered, and buildings have been flattened. A pall of smoke and dust hangs over the town, and the few people on the streets mill about in shock, as if they have just come from a war zone. Any inquiries are met first with blank stares, but eventually the whole story comes out: the town was attacked by a terrifying monster of immense size, part bear and part owl, that crashed into the town and killed dozens before it had its fill of destruction and lumbered off into the hills to the south.


I stayed behind to help guide the repairs to our city. I requested the my friends go a take care of this owl bear menace permanently.

According to my companions they tracked the create back to the owl bear caves we had explored earlier in the week and quickly dispatched it. The creature was huge and very dangerous. They also told me that they thought that someone had sent the creature to Riverlake in an attempt to destroy the town.

While I am helping the repair of the town there is a gathering in the center of town lead by Grigori who was telling the townsfolks about how the leadership of Riverlake was not taking their responsibility seriously and just using the town to further their own wealth.


After debating with this scum I was able to convince the citizenry that we had their best interests at heart. After the debate I informed that that he should leave the city and he asked for the evening to collect his items.

After some discussion we determine that the owlbear was specifically sent to attack Riverlake and it was very possible that Grigori was involved. We then decided to arrest him and question him. While arresting him he made a big deal and attempted to cast at our party. We then brought him to the jail kept him tied up and gagged until the next day when I could prepare Dimensional Anchor.

On him we found the following items:
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion of Undetectable Alignment x2
Scroll of Scare
Scroll of Sound Burst
+1 Chain Shirt
Masterwork Buckler
+1 Rapier
Short Bow
20 Arrows

Under questioning he revealed that he was hired by a man at Fort Drelev, which is a new settlement to the west of Stryxa. He does not have any other plans in motion.

I call a council of nobles with Cagwin, Thorn and myself. We determine that he was guilty of sowing dissent and after some discussion we decide to put him to death for his crimes.

In preparation of for our new settlement in H30 we head out to H37 so that all the hexes around H30 will be explored.

On our way to H37 we talk to the dryad in H38 and recreate one of her trees using the Feather Tree Token we have found. We then continue on to H37.

While exploring H37:

The trees part to reveal a peaceful forest glade dappled with sunlight. A small pond lies placidly at the roots of an enormous oak tree with a scattering of leaves floating upon its surface. Birdsong twitters from the branches high above.

When she stands up she appears to be made of leaves and vines.


She tells of a threat at H44 that is threatening the forest and she agrees that if we are willing to help with H44 that she will help us regrow the trees in H38.

Everyone gain 3,275XP and 942GP.


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