Traps, Traps, Traps
Session 5

Enter H3 – Forest Hex

H3 has lots of game trails. After some time we discover that there are a number of bear trap set all over the place. Even though we were as cautious as we could be one of the traps escaped our notice and I was trapped by it. Thanks to Caigwen and Brixos I was able to escape deadly trap. Shortly after I was trapped the group was attacked by a Slurk.


Thanks to Caigwen’s totally not evil power to put people to sleep we were able to make quick work of the Slurk. We then continue to explore H3 and continued to run into a great number of traps.

Gen determined that it would take nearly two days to full clear out the traps out of H3.

We then finish exploring H3 and move into H2

Enter H2 – Plains Hex

After fully mapping H2 we do not find anything of interest.

Enter H1 – Plains Hex

We then start to explore H1. We found a massive blackberry patch. There is a raised section in the center of the patch and Gen knows that blackberry patches will generally grow over whatever. At the center we find a raised stone tomb. Brixos, Thorn and Thorn’s Elk remove the top of the cairn. Thorn and I were able to determine that the cairn belonged to the Tiger Lords. In ancient times the Tiger Lords’ land from Numeria to the Narled Marches. Rostland people pushed the Tiger Lords tribes out of this area long ago. Be believed the person who was buried here was a minor noble of the Tiger Lords. On the body we discovered a Ring of Swimming . We see evidence of several more cairn that have been fully looted long ago.

As we were beginning to make camp be are were set upon by wolves.


We were able to handily defeat them and then my rest that night was excellent.

Enter H8 – Plains Hex

We explored H8 and do not discover anything of value.

After we make camp we are approached by an evil hunter called Tylen. Woo questioned him about the location of the Stag Lord. Based on his description I believe that the bandits who serve with the Stag Lord were camped in H18. Tylen told us that the trapper in H3 is called Greeg or Breeg, but he is not sure where he rested his head. He also warns us of the Kobold menace. Caigwen then began to torture this poor individual with her ability to talk telepathically with evil creatures. After many hours of this Tylen drank himself into a stupor and stayed at our camp for the night.

Enter H9 – Plains Hex

We explore H9 and do not discover anything of value.

Enter H10 – Forest Hex

While exploring H10 we come across a small pond, Gen determines that it is the source of the Thorn river, which joins the Shrike to the south. Caigwen runs into another hunter’s trap (much like H3). Gen is able to pick up on the tracks that might be the trappers and we being to follow them.

After several hours we came across a log deadfall trap along with a dead man. I determined that the man had been dead for several days. Gen was able to determine that the trap was released on this man as opposed to him setting it off himself, probably by a small creature. We also discovered an Axe engraved with the initials B. O. left by the stump where the log for the trap was gathered.

After encounter several more traps we come across a permanent encampment. After searching the camp we discover several things. There are several things monogrammed with the initials with B. O. Other we only found mudane supplies, nothing of any real value.

After fully exploring the H10 we return to the abandoned camp and sleep for the night. The night passes without event.

Enter H17 – Forest Hex

As we are traveling through through the forest were are ambushed by a group of Grigs.


They accuse Brixos of chopping down the forest. Thorn and Gen defend him and to fully defend him Gen reveals himself to be a Kitsune, which is very surprising. I suppose that is how he is able to summon those strange floating lights.


Gen is able to convince them to let us go freely but only by giving them his true name.

As we continue to explore we find a clearing that was hidden by thick brambles. It was an ancient temple of Erastil.

The thick tangle of brambles gives way into a large clearing in the woods, its border partially defined by ruined stone pillars. The western face of the clearing is dominated by a looming, upthrust ridge of rock, nearly 300 feet across and rising to a moss-topped height of 100 feet at the center. The side of this towering boulder facing the clearing has been carved in the likeness of an immense elk, its antlers drooping down from its weathered face to frame a 50-foot- wide cave entrance. A flight of stone steps leads up to this cave entrance from the forest clearing—both the steps and elk face feel quite old and are thickly encrusted with layers of moss. A 50-foot-long oval pool sits in the middle of the clearing, its waters thick with algae.

After doing a little bit of investigation we heard a creature moving about the inner temple and it turns out it was a bear.

After Gen attempted to calm the bear, but the sound of Gen talking seemed to anger it.


After we had subdued the bear I determined that it had some kind of brain injury. After we put the creature out of his misery he turns back into a ancient human then quickly to dust. Once the creature has disappeared the pool in the shrine immediately became clear. There was nothing else of note in the temple.

We finish exploring the H17 and find nothing else of note.

While camping at the temple I felt a great sense of peace and neither I nor any of my companions were haunted by the dreams that have been following use since crossing the river.

We gained 1700XP for the session.

All together again
Session 4

Once we had arrived back at Oleg’s Trading Outpost another mercenary had joined Kesten Garess and a cleric of Erastil called Jhod (Jode) Cavken. Jhod wants any information we can give him about temples of Erastil in the area, he believes that there is a lost temple somewhere in the Greenbelt. I convinced Jhod to cast some Lesser Restoration on Woo Ting to recover his strength. After some discussion we decided to explore the area nearest to Oleg’s.

Enter H6 – Plains Hex

We head southeast from Oleg’s to explore the plains near Oleg’s Trading Outpost. No long after we left Oleg’s we discovered an old ramshackled hut that Bokken the Alchemist current lives in. We discussed with him his need for fangberries (as we had already learned about from Oleg), which he directs us to the West Southwest (past the old mine, which indicates that we are half way). He also told us that spiders like to eat fangberries. Over the course of the remaining day we finish exploring H6.

That night we were ambushed by Werewolves.


Sadly it was discovered that a bit from a werewolf can have a chance of changing into a werewolf. We determined that as a party we need to head to the forest, according to Gen, and find some wolfsbane. We decide to head to Oleg’s Trading Post to see if he has any wolfsbane that we can treat our party with.

Enter H5 – Oleg’s Trading Outpost

Svetlana thought she had seen some in either H11 or H12, so we head off to those hexes. We also request that Oleg procure a Healer’s Kit, a Silver Kama, 2 silver longswords, some silver crossbow bolts, and some silver arrows. We catch a 8 hours of sleep and then head off to H12 to search for wolfsbane.

Enter H12 – Forest

We searched the section of H12 that we had not searched. We do not discover any wolfbane in H12.

Enter H11 – Forest

As we were searching H11 for wolfbane are taunted with by some Fey creatures (mostly Thorn). I was able to convince them to come out and being treat with us. The creatures were a Grig and a Fairy Dragon.



Thorn got out some dried fruit from his trail rations and offered it to the Fey, which the Grig took. The Fairy Dragon requested my iron holy symbol, which I offered up to get Slippy the help he needs. Searious then offers to trade 10 gold and a grappling hook for my holy symbol, which the Fairy Dragon agreed. They then give us the information that the wolfsbane can be find near the river.

We head towards the river and after searching some a half hour or we find some wolfbane. Sadly we also find two boars near by. After some discussion some of our group decided to hunt the boars for meat. Thankfully after gathering the wolfsbane and administering it to slippy we were able to heal the lycanthropy that he acquired. The Fey prank Thorn again, proving they don’t like Thorn for some reason, but after that occurs they realize that we are their friends and then leave us alone from there. We then fully explorer H11.

Enter H12 – Forest

We then finish exploring H12, discovering that only the radishes were special entity in this hex. We then continued to Oleg’s before heading back to H7 to continue exploring.

Enter H5 – Oleg’s

When we arrive back in Oleg’s. When we arrive back at Olegs we finally give our horse delivery. We then made our way towards H7 to explore it.

Enter H6 – Plains

Enter H7 – Plains

After taking a day to fully explore H7 we find nothing of interest. We then decide to head down to H14.

Enter H14 – Plains

After taking a day to explore H14 and we also find nothing of interest in H14. We then make our way to H4 to explore it.

Enter H6 – Plains
Enter H5 – Oleg’s
Enter H4 – Plains

While exploring H4 we were attacked by a Huge Giant Whiptail Centipede.


Thanks to the power of Caigwen sleep ability and Thorn’s lance we were able to easily defeat it. After finishing exploring H4 we discover that there is nothing of interest in the H4. We then decide to head towards the forest in H3.

During the session we gained 1225XP.

Kobold, friends or foes?
Session 3

We decided to go after the Kobolds, not exploring H19.

Enter H27 – Plains Hex

In H27 we found the old tree that was on the map that we found in the spider’s tunnel. We came across a group of dead Kobolds along with a group of dead Mites, 3 of each, at the site of a larger battle. The battlefield has been scavenged. Mites are underground dwelling Fey creatures. We discussed that this might be why the Kobolds have been upset as of late and we discussed the possibility of stopping the Kobold threats peacefully.

Gen continued to follow the Kobold tracks, but it was more difficult due to the battleground we discovered. Gen also noticed that the Mites seemed to have come from the Northeast and headed back in that direction after the battle.


We continue following the trail of the Kobolds. The trail begins to turn back to the east, following the Northern Shrike River in H27.

Enter H28 – Plains Hex

The Northern Shrike River is ranges between 50 – 100 feet wide. The river is swift enough to be used as a trading river. Along the river we find, according to Gen, Slurk marks, they look like markings that would be made by frogs, but medium sized. Gen and Woo Ting hear some croaking gurgling noises and we are attacked by a Slurk.


After we defeated the Slurk we continue to follow the path. Eventually the Northern Shrike river joins up again with the Southern Shrike river. We find the ruins of a old bridge which would block any river travel by boat. We think it is possible if anything feel in from up river it would get caught up in the bridge ruins. We continue following the Kobolds trail.

About a 100 yards up river, across from us, we see a burned building and spanning the river we see a long rope across the river. On our side of the river there is a sign for “Nettle’s Crossing – 5 copper – Ring Bell for Service”. Gen believes that the Kobolds crossed here. After I ring the bell a small mist begins to form on top of the river and travels up to the wreckage of the bridge. Then from the wreckage about 100 yards from us a body climbs and beings waking on this strange mist. He is carrying a Ranseur and Woo Ting and I determine that he is sentient.

He, in raspy voice requests that we, “Throw the Stag Lord body into the river, or join me instead.” We all agree to his request. Once this occurs he sinks back into the water. Once he has disappeared he we hear. “You may cross.” Gen, Searius, Woo Ting and I head across the river, leaving the loot we have thus far found (and the donkey) in the care of Kagwin, Thorn, Slipply and Brixos.

We believe that the burnt out shack was once a toll house across the bridge that is now wrecked. Gen, with help Searius set us once again on our path. The path heads south west along the Southern Shrike.

Enter H34 – Plains Hex

Right at the border of H28 and H34 the path turns back to the south, away from the river. We camp for the night.

During the night I have nightmares about the promise I made to the Undead with the Ranseur and I have a bad night of sleep. In the morning we wake up and continue to follow the Kobol tracks.

We find a second battlefield between the Kobolds and the Mites, as far as we can tell these are both from the same clans as the last battle field. This battlefield is much older but it has again been stripped of any value.

An outcropping of large boulders emerges from the weathered face of a nearby hillock. A narrow opening in the rock leads into darkness below. A fallen sign leans against the side of the cave entrance, and a cage made of branches and sticks sits on the other side.

Gen noted that the sign reads Oaktop Silver Mine. The stick cage next to the entrance contains a single blue Mite. The Mite attempts to hide from us and appears to have been crying. Searius hears noise from inside the cave and I call out to the creature in Draconic.

I manage to convince the Kobold to come out into the open so that we will be able to converse with it. The Kobold says that it’s the Kobold’s Magic Statue has been stolen.

Searius and I head inside of the Kobold cave to talk with the Kobold’s shaman to hear the full story. Near the entrance we notice three nooses hanging from the cave wall along with some metal hooks in the wall. He tells us to hug the right hand way on the way in, it seems like he had us avoid some traps. The tunnels are very small, if we were fighting Searius think it would be difficult and the approach is well defended. At the back we meet the Kobold’s shaman, called Tartuk. The Kobold tried is called the Sootscales, the Mites stole a statue of Old-Sharp Tooth (the Kobold’s god) about three weeks ago. The war with the Mites has been going on for a little more than a year. Tartuk describes where the Mites live and it seems to be consistent with the old tree that we found in H27.

Once we are done with the conversation we attempt to get information from the Mite but failed to gain any information due to lack of ability to speak it’s language. Searius and I then headed back to the woods and rejoins our companions. After some discussion we determine that we want to take the Mite prisoner with us, mostly because Woo Ting was concerned about the state that it was being kept.

We then take the Mite back back with us heading to rejoin our companions across the river. We then travel back to the old tree in H27. During the trip back we camp two times. During our trip back Woo Ting’s dreams were troubled.

We release our Mite prisoner in hopes that it will ease diplomacy. We then waited till dusk and headed into the caves beneath the tree. We went downwards and then made a right towards the sounds of laughter.

Three crude, wooden workbenches occupy the center of this room, their tops strewn with various tiny tools, metal and wooden hardware, and blocks of wood.

There we found two Mites playing a game where one of them launched a small catapult with a caltrop into the mouth of the other Mite. Once Woo Ting approached them we were attacked by the Mites. After knocking one of them unconscious the other fled and we gave chase. Screams in terror were heard below us. We descended downwards towards the screams of terror.

The walls of this egg-shaped cavern are obscured by thick tangles of long, pallid roots. To the east, the chamber opens into a wide, root-filled chasm.

We discovered that the screams of terror were a poor Kobold that was being tortured gleefully by a group of Mites. His name is Mikmek, he tells us he and his fellow warriors came to get back their holy statue. He insists in join us in getting the holy statue back. We head across the chasm deeper into the root system only to be ambushed once half the group had crossed.

A deep and ominous chasm splits the passage. The chasm is a few yards wide, and twice as deep, but thick ropes of tangled roots fill the entire area. The passage continues on the far side of the chasm, and between the two ledges, numerous loops have been tied into the roots to serve as hand- and footholds.

We fought off the Huge Whip-Tail Centipede and continued deeper into the roots system.


Rows of wooden pegs line the earthen walls, some hung with tiny, filthy cloaks. In the center of the room stands a rickety table held together with twine, covered with a filthy red- checked tablecloth and heaped with mounds of dirt and twigs and gravel, apparently arranged to form some sort of map. Sitting at the edge of the map, weighing down a scrap of paper, is a bloodstained ivory statuette of what looks like a crouching reptilian devil. A bulging burlap sack sits under the table.

The next chamber we find the holy statue on an old rickety table. It was being guarded by 5 Mites and a Giant Tick (medium sized). We win a hard one victory over the Mites we recovered the statue. We recover 32g 120s 193c and 12 spears from the room with the Mites. In the wreckage of the room we discover a ledger in a language that we cannot read. We continue deeper into the root system.

This damp room is haphazardly cluttered with broken beds, chairs, wagon wheels, and an assortment of worn, tattered, dingy, and broken objects pilfered or salvaged from big folk. A row of bookcases stands crookedly propped against the far wall, the shelves filled with bits of bone, feathers, and dried centipede legs. Old window frames, cracked
and splintered, hang upon the wall like works of fine art.

A gathering of Mites, including one that our ranger has taken to calling Rudolph (the Mite that we rescued from the Kobold) we gathered in the room. We made our presence known and showed them that we had taken the statue back and attempted to scare them into not doing this again. We then left heading to the surface along a path that seemed more straight for our exit.

The next room we encountered had these horrible little pools.

The wet-looking floor of this large cavern is crisscrossed by several shallow trenches, each containing trickles of putrid- looking fluid. Six foul mounds of compost and dung lie heaped about the room, each studded with small spherical eggs.

In this room we find a Mite female tending to 3 centipedes in the center of the room. We decide to attempt to sneak past this female and start to move across the room. Woo determined that we would have no chance of sneaking across the room. So Woo and I approached and attempted to head off any combat. Lucky Woo and my skill were up to the challenge and we were able to get out ot the hatchery without having to kill anything else.

Kagwin, Thorn, Brixos and Slippily head back to Oleg’s Trading Post with the loot that we have found thus far. Gen, Searius, Woo Ting and I head back to the Kobold’s camp. During one of night during the trip Mikmek called out “Death to Tartuk” during a dream. We asked him what was going on and he told us that Tartuk took the control of the Kobold from Sootscale (who is also a Kobold) via dark magics. Mikmek wants us to give the statue to Sootscale which he hopes will allow Sootscale to take back control of the clan. Tartuk has taken to sacrificing Kobold to stave off the evil of losing the statue. Tartuk convinced the clan it was cursed by showing a Kobold turning yellow and dying.

We all has a long discussion determine that blood sacrifices are just a step too far and we begin to make plans to give the statue back to Sootscale.

When we arrived back at the Kobold camp we notice that guard has changed, which is odd. We now head into the cave. Mikmek leads us into the cave to some sort of Temple, which has two stone tables, one that is covered with blood. We discovered that Nakpik (the Kobold that we talk with originally) has been sacrificed to give a blessing to our journey. Once Sootscale arrives I give the statue to Mikmek and he begins to give it to Sootscale when Tartuk arrives in the room, who does not want Mikmek to give the statue to Sootscale. Once Mikmek begins to give the statue to Sootscale his skin beings to turn yellow and the Kobolds panic. We notice that Tartuk is casting a spell and Gen attacks Tartuk with his Bow and the arrow is stopped by an unseen force (later determined to be an unseen servant). Sootscale then moves forward and smashes the statue. Mikmek continues to turn yellow but for some reason does not die. Sootscale then bellows a warcry and the Kobolds turn on Tartuk and murder him.

After Tartuk is taken care of Sootscale thanks us for doing a great service to his clan. Sootscale leads us back to to Tartuk old chambers to reward us for our service to him and his clan. We are given the treasures and Sootscale offers to enter into alliance with our group.

In the set of treasures we find:

Master Light Metal Shield
7 +1 Flaming Crossbow Bolts
Boots of Elvenkind
Soiled Leather Bag
* 321sp
* 249gp
* 13pp
* Plain Brass Wedding Ring with Single Pearl
* Dust of Illusion (one dose)
A Book written in a language that we don’t understand along with a Scroll of Fly

After using Comprehend Language we read both the ledger and the book.

The book is a journal written in Undercommon written by Tartuk. It discusses his deception in being a shaman. He was born a Gnome and died in an attempt to betray his village (but the village was convinced that he was trying to save it). Due to his apparent bravery the village decided to use a Scroll of Reincarnation to bring him back to life. When he was brought back to life he was brought back as a Kobold.

Out small group then headed back to Oleg’s Trading Post. During our trip back I discovered that Woo Ting had contracted Red Ache from being attacked by the Tick. It was touch a go there for a while but I was able to get the fever to break and Woo has started to recover.

We gained 1325 XP
After selling all of our gathered mundane equipment and distributing coins each player gained 550.


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