Once again on the Road
Session 13

1050 XP per person
46g 5s per person

A Year in the Life
Session 12

Let me tell you about the last year, it has been pretty amazing.

So much has happened. Incredible growth has happened in our small kingdom. We started at such small beginnings, only a small hamlet on the shore of the Tuskwater, now we have a population in the ten thousands and control a good portion of the Greenbelt. Our little town of Riverlake as grown from a single Inn surrounded by some homes into a thriving small city with dreams of a thriving metropolis.

About 3 months into our time at home there were a series of bandit attacks Riverlake itself which we were able to easily defeat.

About six months in there was an attack in our Sawmill camp. The damage to Hex 39 was impressive, a number of my people were lost in the attack. Once we encountered the foul beast we discovered it was a Green Dragon!


Luckily for use we came upon the dragon right after it awoke and were able to take it by surprise.

After some further investigate we discovered a small treasure horde which has the following things:

Javelin of Lighting – 1,500gp
Stone Salve – 4,000 gp
+1 Spell Storing Whip of Speed – 50,000gp!!

After selling them all the Javelin of Lighting and the +1 Spell Storing Whip of Speed each player gained 6,427g and 5s from the Dragon Horde.

Not long before the end of the year Jubilost Narthropple return to Riverlake to share the maps he had created of the North thus far. We sent him off in style with a fine banquet.

Finally as a crowning achievement, we established trade route from Riverlake to the Barony, sending them our excess grain. Since the Barony was in need of food due to the poor growing season they had this year was grain arrived just in time and all across the Barony they are taking about the good that we have done.

Given that Riverlake has now existed for a year we hold a festival to celebrate the wonderful year we have had.

Each player gained 2,300 XP

The Lonely Warrior
Session 12

After some discussion we decide to go discuss with the Kobold what occurred.

Enter H46 – Plains Hex
Enter H40 – Riverlake
Enter H33 – Plains Hex
Enter H34 – Plains Hex

Wo Ting investigated the attacked and determined that they were not at fault. I spent some time explaining to the Kobold that while they are exploring for their new home they need to be cautious about running into other people. Afterwards we head back to Riverlake.

Enter H33 – Plains Hex
Enter H40 – Riverlake

We explore the location of undead and after a Remove Curse the undead stop rising.

The next day we head into H41 to explorer

Enter H41 – Plains Hex

The plains hex is full of grass that seems to get taller and taller and the wind is very biting on the plains.

There we encounter a Worg leading some wolves to attack us.


We follow his tracks back to H42

Enter H42 – Plains Hex

We then decide to explore H42 as long as we are here.

In H42 we discover a Barrow Entry way cover in ancient tiles. A large number of bats sleep on the roof.

The walls of this octagonal chamber are decorated with crude mosaics of simple village life: hunting, fishing, and farming. A thick carpet of guano covers the floor—it’s crawling with insects, and the sharp tang of ammonia hangs in the air. A cobweb-filled tunnel to the east leads deeper underground.

We continue deeper into the barrow.

Four tunnels exit this circular chamber in the cardinal directions. Four large monstrous faces, carved from stone, leer and grimace from each of the walls between the tunnel entrances. A skeleton sprawls facedown in the middle of the room.

After searching the body we discovered it had a magic ring (a ring of subsistence). We then turned right and continued exploring this chamber.

The walls of each dusty chamber are decorated with mosaic scenes of hunting and battle. Six biers line the walls, the resting places of respected warriors.


After we defeated these creatures another group of 6 skeletons came from the opposite passage. We then quickly dispatched those skeletons as well.

We then continued to the last room of the barrow. In this room we found an ancient skeleton.

The walls of this chamber are adorned with a plethora of weapons, shields, armor, and tattered banners and standards. Interspersed among the displayed arms are carved scenes of battle, pillage, and conquest. The carvings are caked in flaking pigments that were once brightly colored, but many have been defaced, apparently by repeated blows from a weapon. At the far end of the room, a withered corpse lies in state atop a stone catafalque, its bony hands clutching a sword across its chest.


Once we defeated the creature we discovered it had a +2 Fey Bane Longsword.

We then rest for the evening.

The next day we finish exploring H42 and H41.

Enter H41 – Plains Hex

Enter H47 – Plains Hex

We explore the area of the hex on this side of the Gundrin River, and after some discussion we determine the easiest way for us to get across is to go back to town and leave our horses and then use Fly to get across.

Enter H40 – Riverlake

Enter H47 – Plains Hex
After further exploration we discover some nettles patches on a bluff overlooking the lake. After finish exploring the hex we head back to town.

Enter H40 – Riverlake

Town Phase

We failed our Stability check and gained 3 unrest.

We built a house and mill

We gained 11 BP from Taxation

Everyone get 400GP

Everyone 1952XP

Investigating our surroundings

Enter H39 – Forest Hex

In this hex we found the end of the Skunk River, which flows into the lake.

While we were exploring we came across a group of Gnomes who were caught in an unusual situation.

The sound of unintelligible cursing echoes through the woods. Just visible through the trees, a small wagon sits mired in the middle of a swiftly flowing river as the waters threaten to overwhelm its sides. Two ponies hitched to the wagon flounder in the swirling waters, close to panicking. Two more wagons sit safely on the far bank.

After saving them thanks to a Water Elemental, Thorn and his Elk we discovered they had been attacked today by a group of Kobolds that we were able to discover that it was by the Sootscales. They were attacked while they were setting up camp.

We spend the night with them, exchanging information about the Greenbelt.

First off we traded the locations of rivers and lakes. Then we shared some information about Hexes.

H38 – Loggers / logging activity
H44 – Dying, smelled much of decay and lots of sickly trees and dying vegetation
H45 – There was a mad hermit that lives there, he kept talk about his brother
H52 – Stay away! The lizard folk live there, they wished to be left alone.
H64 – Troll lair

We also hear some rumors. It was rumored that Bandit Lord was able to control the undead. There is an old ruin to the west build ages ago by the elves and it is said to be full of treasure and angry spirits. South of the lake is rumored to be a Hill Giant.

We then spend a fine evening enjoying each other companies.

In the morning Jubilost Narthropple offers to sell us more detailed maps of the area the the north of our keep (i.e. the area we already explored).

We agree to pay 500gp per hex explored for a more detailed map, which Narthropple will only sell to us.

Enter H46 – Plans Hex

We make our way to explore H46, in the marshy area adjacent to the lake we discovered a lone hut.

A dilapidated mud-brick hut squats atop a small hummock in the middle of a fetid marsh, a thin tendril of bluish smoke trickling through a gaping hole in its moss- covered roof. A wooden fence surrounding the perimeter of the mound is festooned with crude fetishes crafted out of sticks, feathers, and animal bones. A lone crow caws noisily from the top of a nearby cypress tree.

Living in the hut is an old women. She is a sorcerer, who has lived in the hut for a very long time. As far as we were able to tell she seemed to be mostly old and crotchety. She told us that across the lake from her hut (H54) there is a big mud pit. Black Rattle Cap mushrooms grow there, but they can be difficult to harvest. The spores still need to be on the Black Rattle Cap if they are to be useful. If we go harvest them she will offer 100gp each. She also tells us about Will-o’-wisp in the island in H53. She also warns us about the Hermit in H45. In H42 there is an old barrow where an ancient barbarian warrior king know as the Lonely Warrior. When we were leaving she told us her name was Elga Verniex.

There was nothing else of note in the H46.

We still need to deal with the Kobold situation and the Undead situation in H40.

Each PC gained 1,803XP

Slippy is EVIL!!
Session 11

An agent of the Swords of Restov traveled to Oleg’s to find out what progress we have been making and was overjoyed to learn that we had taken out the Stag Lord, he requested that we travel with him to Restov to report to the Sword Lords.

After spending 3 days reporting in and shopping, on the 4th day we were escorted to a large manor house, owned by a cousin of Lord Surtova (the regent of the Dragon Scale Throne and our original employer). We were sent to a well furnished room and given a selection of breakfast foods. Then we waited…

The agent then came and informed us that were were “requested” to stay in the house and not leave. In essence leaving us under house arrest. We learn that we were to be allowed wander the grounds of the estate as long as we do not wear armor or weapons.

After spending a day entertaining ourselves we discovered that a tailor group has taken up residence in the sitting room and are taking our measurements for garments for a fine dinner tonight to announce their decisions.

We then have a very nice formal dinner, where we are introduced to lots of noble. We are then granted the right to rule over the area that we just explored. In the morning there is a prade given our honor.

Over the next week begin planning our new settlement.

After our discussion the following people were appointed to the following positions:

Ruler – Quinton
Councilor – Svetlana
General – Thorn Greyriver
Grand Diplomat – Jhod
High Priest – Searius
Magister – Caigwen
Marshal – Woo Ting
Royal Assassin – Gen
Spymaster – Slippy
Treasurer – Oleg
Warden – Kesten

In this city, we built a road, fishery, a House and an Inn

Setting up our settlement took us two weeks.

The spreadsheet of the Kingdom is located here:

The Death of the Stag Lord
Session 10

We decide that we have finally have had enough and we make our way to the Stag Lord’s Fortress. Give that we have 3 Stag Lord’s amulets, I took one and Thorn took one.

H40 – Fortress of the Stag Lord

Once we arrive where we directed the Kobolds we discover that the group we directed here were slaughtered to a Kobold. We discuss our approach strategy and decide that Gen should see if he can discover secondary entrance.

Gen and Woo scouted the area and discovered a partially buried door. They believe that it would take several minutes to uncover and the door is essentially out in the open. After some discussion we decided that sneaking in via the buried entrance due to our diverse party.

As a group we began to sneak towards the buried door. Once we arrived at the secret door a group of zombies emerged out from the ground.


We were able to quietly take them out thanks to fast use of the Silence spell by me. Since the guards were not overly concerned of the zombies appearing Woo and Gen were able to, over the course of several trips, unbury the trap door. Once we entered the door we all put our armor back on, excluding Thorn and myself who put on bandit leathers and lieutenants pins. Following the path underground we eventually emerged in the fortress proper.

After some exploration we discovered that there were four bandits are awake on the upper level and two on the bottom floor guarding the path upwards. There were also five asleep on the bottom floor. We suspected that the Stag Lord was in the large room on the bottom floor.


After some further investigation, by Slippy, we discovered that there was an owlbear caged in the large room on the bottom floor.


Slippy decided that it would be fun to release the owlbear. Once that occurred combat begin in earnest. After a massive combat we eventually find a secret passage downwards in Z10.

We then headed downwards in the area beneath the earth.

There we had a combat with the Stag Lord.


After the combat was complete we search the bandit hideout. We find a lot of mundane goods worth 6,850gp, We find a chest with 4,500cp, 2,052sp, 8,940gp, 210pp. We also find a large bag with 29,000gp in stolen jewelry. The Stag Lord’s leather armor is magical, +1 Leather Armor that leaves you chest bear. The Stag Lord’s helm is also magical, granting +2 Perception checks and 1/day Insightful Shot (Free Action, Next Range Attack is made as if your target is flat-footed). He also has two potion of cure moderate wounds, masterwork longsword, +1 Composite Longbow ( +2 Str), +1 Amulet of Natural Armor.

We then searching the ground level. 10 Longbows, 260 Arrow, 5 Shortswords, 5 Spears, 4 50ft lengths of rope, Chisels, 2 hammers, 3 tins of iron nails, 4 suit of leather armor. In the Stag Lord’s room we find 1400 gp, 10pp, Azurite Crystals (90gp), Cardline (80gp), Hematite (130gp), Shard of Obsidian (14gp), Red Garnet (1000gp), Pewter Belt Buckle depicting entwined Succubi (30gp), Silver Charm Bracelet (60pg). On the bandits we found 2 Potions of Cure light wounds, Masterwork Chainmail, Heavy Steel Shield, +1 Longsword, Composite Longbow ( +2 Str), 3 +1 Beastbane Arrows, Silver Holy Symbol of Erastil, 7 Silver Stag Lord Amulets (20gp), 800gp, Masterwork Studded Leather, +1 Rapier, 3 daggers, set of turquoise earring (260gp), 28gp, 20pp. 2 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, 1 Potion of Lesser Restoration, 1 Set of Knight and Dragon Toys (450gp), 2 Horses.

We also gain 4 masterwork weapons by returning Sneeg.

We also return to the river and toss the Stag Lord into the river. When this occurs Davik rises from the water and grabs the body, for a moment the Stag Lord comes back to live and Davik drowns him. His +1 ranseur washes up on the shore as a final gift from Davik.

All PCs gained 2,037 XP

All PCs gained 10.300 GP

Finishing up the exploration
Session 9

Enter H30 – Forest Hex

Unsurprisingly in H30 there is another segment of the Skunk River as well as a natural ford. The ford was created by a large amount of debris, made up of rubble, branches and dead bodies of both human and animal forms.

Sunning itself on the sand bar created by the ford was a Brush Thylacine.


We heard some yipping that we suspected was more Thylacines.

Woo Ting made his way forward and discovered that there was magic in the ford by praying to the Gatekeeper (and obscure god named Shankhil). We determined that we would need to drive off these creatures and reclaim the item.

After we began a battle with the Thylacines a pair of Tatzlwyrm came speeding out of the forest on the other side of the river.


In the debris and rubble we discovered the following. +1 Scale Mail, Masterwork Cold Iron Longsword, 58g, 600sp, Pewter Stein (12g), Silver Ring (35g), Jade Carving of a Nude Female Elven Monk (85g), Partial Map of the Greenbelt. This maps indicate that the explorer entered the Greenbelt from the north, discovered the Skunk River and followed it.

We did not discover anything else of note in H30.

Enter H24 – Forest Hex

While exploring H24 heard the familiar croaking call of the Boggart. We went to investigate and discovered a group of Boggarts that were riding Slurks around like mounts.


The Boggart’s had taken over a abandoned farmstead. After defeating these creatures we discovered 392g, 117c, 543s.

We do not discover anything else of note.

Enter H31 – Forest Hex

While exploring H31 we heard the cry of the Thylacine, it seemed to be in some distress. We eventually discovered a pit that the Thylacine was trapped at the bottom of the pit. Wo Ting went forward to investigate the pit and the ground gave way and Woo fell into the pit. Cagwin leviated Woo out of the pit and Slippy put the Thylacine out of it’s misery.

We did not discover any else of note in H31.

Enter H32 – Plains Hex

In a thicket in H32 we see a that has a massive fang berry push, some of which is covered with webbing.

A dense patch of rare raspberry-like berries known as fangberries grows in a long, thin valley between two low hills here. Much of the thorny thicket is draped in the white gossamer silk of spider webs. The best of the berries lie at the heart of the thicket, but harvesting must be done slowly to avoid being lacerated by the thousands of fangberry thorns.

After harvesting for 30 minutes a swarm of spiders moved out of the bush and attacked Serious. We backed away quickly and they did not seem to follow. Woo discovered that the spiders do not like the rain so he made us of create water to cause the spiders to retreat. After another 30 minutes of harvesting we had finally collected enough fang berries to satisfy Bekken.

We decide to return to Oleg’s and make our final preparations for taking on the Stag Lord.

All PCs got 2024XP

More Exploration
Session 8

I acquired a breastplate and a heavy steel shield. Thorn spent 3 days training our horses from riding horses to combat horses.

Enter H12 – Forest Hex
Enter H18 – Forest Hex
Enter H17 – Forest Hex

We make our way from Olge’s to the Erastil Temple (H17). Jhod joined us on the journey to the Erastil temple. We rested for the evening at the temple and made our way into H16.

Enter H16 – Forest Hex

In H16 we discovered the Skunk River and followed it to it’s source. As we make our way towards the songs of the local frogs grew in intensity. Once we arrived at the source of the river we discovered it was an underground spring. Surrounding the exit of the spring we found several medium sized frogs.


They turned out to be very territorial. As we approached they attacked us. They had this amazing tongue attack that was able to pull both Thorn and Searius out of their saddles, it was quite amazing. Even given that, we were able to kill the horrible creatures. We searched the natural spring and discovered body and we brought it to land. When we retrieved the body from the spring, he was dressed as an explorer. Thorn and I believe that he was a member of another exploration group that was sent out by the Sword Lords. He had 27g, 1s, 5 cp and a +1 Short Sword and leather armor.

Gen informed us that he believes that the Skunk River is running downhill.

That evening we were come upon by a group of Mites, after discussing with them we found out that they had left their tree and were looking for a new home, due to the Kobolds. I then sent them away.

Enter H15 – Plains Hex

We explore and besides mapping we find nothing of note.

Enter H22 – Forest Hex

On the western edge of H22 we find some swampy lands. While exploring the swampy land we heard a terrifying croak that almost terrified me to my core. Then from the swamp came eight Boggard’s, it was from these creatures the the horrible croak came from.


All the Boggard’s all had leather armor and morning stars and 41g, 2s and 8cp in loose coins.

There is nothing else of note in H22.

Enter H23 – Forest Hex

We find a 15 foot tall statue of a man with an Elk’s head. It is an amazing statue representing Erastil. It has been overgrown by vegetation. Gen, Woo, Thorn and I begin to clear the vegetation from the statue. Cagwin and Slippy search the area for any other items. It seems that the area is still concreated by the followers of Erastil.

Beyond the status there is nothing else of note.

Enter H29 – Forest Hex

As we were traveling a we came across a dead horse in sunken area. There is a lingering aura of necromancy around the dead horse. Woo, Thorn and I approached and discovered it was a unicorn, but it has had it’s horn removed.

The stink of moldering plants and a strange quiet in the sound of birdlife surrounds a somewhat sunken clearing in the woods here. At the center of the clearing, the soggy ground becomes an insect-infested, stagnant, swamp-like pond, and sprawled at the pond’s southern edge is what appears to be a dead horse. Further investigation reveals the creature to be a dead unicorn, its horn broken off at the brow and its body strangely untouched by insects or other necrophages. The stink of mold comes not from the body, which is weirdly odorless, but from the fouled water of the pond.

After some discussion Thorn and Gen decide to bury the unicorn, Woo assisted.
After we buried the unicorn we notice a second unicorn, it bows to each of us and then leads us to a glad were we are greatly calm, we rest there for the night.

Each PC gained 850 XP
Each PC gained 13gp 1sp 4cp

The Lost Logs
Session 7

Day 1(33) ­ Spent time at Oleg’s and ordered equipment.

Day 2(34) ­ Hex 20 Tree like mite tree ­ MW Dagger 301 gp, silver ring 75gp, Wand of Burning

hands 4 charges 120gp, Spellbook ­ Mage Armor, Identify, Reduce person, silent image, and

unseen servant 115gp.

Day 3(35) ­ Hex 21 ­ Nothing found

Day 4(36) ­ Hex 27/28 ­ Nothing found, traveling to island

Day 5(37) ­ Hex Island ­ Dire Bear completed hex 27

Day 6(38) ­ Hex 28 end ­ Travel and finish hex 28

Day 7(39) ­ Hex 35 ­ Worgs lure us into ambush and perish

Day 8(40) ­ Hex 26 ­ Travel and half explore hex 26

Day 9(41) ­ Hex 18 ­ Completed exploration of hex 26 and 18

Day 10(42) ­ Hex 25 ­ Forest ­ Encountered kobolds and then killed Tuskgutter

Day 11(43) ­ Travel ­ Back to Oleg’s to collect reward on Tuskgutter and resupply

Gold Total

From above 460.5 gp Hides (bears and worgs) 200gp Tuskgutter Meat 200gp

Per person 215 gp 3 sp plus 400 gp from Swordlords = 615 gp 3 sp

The Fortress of the Stag Lord
Session 6

Enter H18 – Forest

Gen found some horse tracks that head back towards H11. It looks to be four sets of horses. Gen determined it would be easy enough to follow the tracks and we suspected that it might be a group of bandits.

After following the trail for a time we come across some obvious wagon ruts in the soft earth. Gen and Woo Ting heard a bird call and expected it was a trap. After some discussion Woo headed to the left of the path and Gen headed to the right of the path.

We walk forward for another 15 minutes and finally see the camp of the group we were following. Thorn charged in the camp and combat began. After a massive battle we were victorious, having complete defeated the bandits.


Among the bandits supplies we found loose 100g. Leather Armor, Short Swords, Longbows, 2 trail rations per bandit and 180 arrows (there were a total of 10 bandits). They also had 3 tents, couple of weeks of food (for 20 people), tons of firewood and kindling, 321sp, 90gp, pair of fine silver earning (150gp), fancy wooden music box (90gp), 3 crates of furs and hides (50gp per crate), 8 polished wooden case with 8 bottles of green liquor (20gp per bottle). On the leader we found a Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Studded Leather Armor, 2 Masterwork Handaxes, 4 Daggers, 85gp and a silver pendent of the Stag Lord. We discovered a secondary clearing that seemed to have 4 horses but they have left (Gen thinks it was some time during the combat that they left).

We determine that we need to question two bandits that are still alive. One as the leader of the bandits and one was a lackey. When I brought they back to conscious we questioned them and the lackey broke under questioning and told us that the Stag Lord was to the south in an old Fort on the northeast Shore of the Tuskwater (a lake in H40). He described the Stag Lord, a monster of a man, and a dead-eye with a bow. He always wears his helm, in fact the lackey suspected that the creep helmet was his face. The green liquor is his favorite drink. He also keeps an old man locked (who was very scary) in the prison and the lackey and his friends wonder if he was running the show instead of the Stag Lord. He told us the response phrase for the Fort is, “By the bloody bones of St. Gilmorg who wants to know?” He suspects that the horses and bandits who escaped are going to head back to the Fort and let them know about what happened to their companions.

We send Skippy, Searius and Brixos back into the to Oleg’s Outpost with all of the gear we had looted from the bandit camp. The rest of our group made best speed for H40.

Enter H26 – Plains Hex
Enter H33 – Plains Hex
Enter H40 – Plains Hex

The Fort is on a hill. Woo noticed a hill covered with vegetation, to the north of the Fort, would be a good place to observe the Fort. The path to the Fort is 30 feet wide and 300 feet long and provides no cover. The remaining hillside surrounding the fort is a swath of hill devoid of shrubbery save for isolated thorny vines, but periodic large boulders provide better cover for an approach. Woo Thing makes note that the guards who stand watch don’t seem to keep much of an attentive eye on the hillsides. The Fort is an stone structure surrounded by a wooden palisade along with wooden watch towers. I believe this Fort was once a temple to Gyronna given the Singleshot eye that is on the Fort.


After some discussion we determined that it would be to difficult to tackle the Fort down 3 people to we decide to begin exploring the southern area of the map and eventually make our way over to H34 and talk to the Kobolds.

Enter H33 – Plains Hex

After exploring H33 we discover a ford of the river that will allow us to cross the Shrike River. There is nothing else of interest.

Enter H34 – Plains Hex

Our small group then heads to the Sootscale caverns. I convince Sootscale to send a small group of Kobold to watch the Stag Lord’s Fort and gather notes about it’s activities and movements. Then we continue to explore the rest of H34. While exploring near the Southern branch of the Shrike, in a marshy area, we were attacked by Shambling Mound.


Thorn was almost killed, but luckily we were able to defeat the Shambling Mound.

There was nothing else of note in H34.

We each gained 1088XP

We each gained 697GP and 7SP and 2CP


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