Building up our town

Session 19

We make our way into H44 hunting for the creature that the dryad told us about.

After some exploration we discover a scythe tree:


After triumphing over this creature we find the follow treasures:

3 pieces of amber (100GP each)
robe of vermin
650 GP in random silver and copper
silver ring worth 65 GP

After finishing exploring H44 we make our back to H37 to let the dryad of our victory. By the time we return the dryad has already heard of our victory. She also promises to keep us informed of events in the Narlmarches, which gives us +2 Stability.

She also give us all of her combat gear:

5 good berries
2 potions of cure moderate wounds
Scroll of Summon Nature’s Ally 2
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (26 charges)
6 Tree Feather Tokens
Masterwork Longbow with 20 arrows
Masterwork Sickle
178 GP

We then head back to town and a bunch of kindom phases.

We spend 6 months upkeeping the kingdom.

Everyone gets 3,025 XP and 386 GP


jstreeky jstreeky

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