Session 15

We decide to travel back to town

Enter H48 – Plains
Enter H41 – Plains
Enter H39 – Plains

Once we get back to town we heard rumors of a Beven (a young shepherd boy) being killed while leading his sheep back to Riverlake in H33

Enter H33 – Plains

Once we arrived at the area we found 6 sheep that had been eaten. After some exploration Gen discovered tracks that lead into a nearby copse of trees. After some investigation we discovered human tracks leaving the copse of trees.

After some discussion we have become concerned that we might have some werewolves in our lands. The tracks lead back to town.

After doing some investigating we noticed that some odd things had been happened in town, including some odd disappearances. Including a Maid that was attack and killed named Saki, she was last seen in town but her body was found outside of town in one of the local berry patches.

We decide to go interview all of the strangers in our town looking for the werewolf(s).

First we talk with Loy and Latricia Rezbin and they are monies individual from Restov who were not allowed to join the nobles in Restov even though they had worked very hard to acquire their wealth. They wanted to be allowed to form a village in H30 (and call it Tatzlford) along the Skunk River.

Second we talk with a Merchant called Philip and his two guards. They give us rumors of Trolls to the south and west of Riverlake.

The last visitor was a barbarian named Kundle from out parts unknown. He was missing from his room at the Green Dragon (he had not been seen all day).

We tracked in into the wilderness and found a spot where he had bathed in the river. We then made our way back into town and set up watch over to the Green Dragon where he had been staying.

Hours passed and Gen noticed a creature stalking towards the Winger Worg in town. We quickly made our way towards to stalking creature and attacked.


After a furious combat we talk the monster we knocked the monster unconscious.

We questioned him and discovered that he was not aware of his infliction. We agreed to cure him, but we had to wait for the next full moon.

In thanks he gives us:

+1 Great Axe
+1 Javelin
Potion of Remove Fear

After deciding to give the Loy and Latricia the chance to found a settlement in H30 we decide to explore H38 so that we can claim H38 so that H30 can be connected to Riverlake by rivers that we own.

Enter H39 – Forest
Enter H38 – Forest

While exploring H38 we discover some of our loggers had come upon Nixie (called Melianse). The logger were logging her trees around her pool.


She then charmed two of the loggers. After some discussion we got Melianse to agree to release the two charmed loggers and had the loggers agreed to stop chopping down trees in her grove. Melianse informed us to the west Tiressia (described as a fey of the trees) might be able to help us come to a quick solution for the regrowth of the trees.

On the next full moon we cured Kundle of his lycanthropy.

Each player gained 675 XP and 11 GP.


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