The Death of the Stag Lord

Session 10

We decide that we have finally have had enough and we make our way to the Stag Lord’s Fortress. Give that we have 3 Stag Lord’s amulets, I took one and Thorn took one.

H40 – Fortress of the Stag Lord

Once we arrive where we directed the Kobolds we discover that the group we directed here were slaughtered to a Kobold. We discuss our approach strategy and decide that Gen should see if he can discover secondary entrance.

Gen and Woo scouted the area and discovered a partially buried door. They believe that it would take several minutes to uncover and the door is essentially out in the open. After some discussion we decided that sneaking in via the buried entrance due to our diverse party.

As a group we began to sneak towards the buried door. Once we arrived at the secret door a group of zombies emerged out from the ground.


We were able to quietly take them out thanks to fast use of the Silence spell by me. Since the guards were not overly concerned of the zombies appearing Woo and Gen were able to, over the course of several trips, unbury the trap door. Once we entered the door we all put our armor back on, excluding Thorn and myself who put on bandit leathers and lieutenants pins. Following the path underground we eventually emerged in the fortress proper.

After some exploration we discovered that there were four bandits are awake on the upper level and two on the bottom floor guarding the path upwards. There were also five asleep on the bottom floor. We suspected that the Stag Lord was in the large room on the bottom floor.


After some further investigation, by Slippy, we discovered that there was an owlbear caged in the large room on the bottom floor.


Slippy decided that it would be fun to release the owlbear. Once that occurred combat begin in earnest. After a massive combat we eventually find a secret passage downwards in Z10.

We then headed downwards in the area beneath the earth.

There we had a combat with the Stag Lord.


After the combat was complete we search the bandit hideout. We find a lot of mundane goods worth 6,850gp, We find a chest with 4,500cp, 2,052sp, 8,940gp, 210pp. We also find a large bag with 29,000gp in stolen jewelry. The Stag Lord’s leather armor is magical, +1 Leather Armor that leaves you chest bear. The Stag Lord’s helm is also magical, granting +2 Perception checks and 1/day Insightful Shot (Free Action, Next Range Attack is made as if your target is flat-footed). He also has two potion of cure moderate wounds, masterwork longsword, +1 Composite Longbow ( +2 Str), +1 Amulet of Natural Armor.

We then searching the ground level. 10 Longbows, 260 Arrow, 5 Shortswords, 5 Spears, 4 50ft lengths of rope, Chisels, 2 hammers, 3 tins of iron nails, 4 suit of leather armor. In the Stag Lord’s room we find 1400 gp, 10pp, Azurite Crystals (90gp), Cardline (80gp), Hematite (130gp), Shard of Obsidian (14gp), Red Garnet (1000gp), Pewter Belt Buckle depicting entwined Succubi (30gp), Silver Charm Bracelet (60pg). On the bandits we found 2 Potions of Cure light wounds, Masterwork Chainmail, Heavy Steel Shield, +1 Longsword, Composite Longbow ( +2 Str), 3 +1 Beastbane Arrows, Silver Holy Symbol of Erastil, 7 Silver Stag Lord Amulets (20gp), 800gp, Masterwork Studded Leather, +1 Rapier, 3 daggers, set of turquoise earring (260gp), 28gp, 20pp. 2 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, 1 Potion of Lesser Restoration, 1 Set of Knight and Dragon Toys (450gp), 2 Horses.

We also gain 4 masterwork weapons by returning Sneeg.

We also return to the river and toss the Stag Lord into the river. When this occurs Davik rises from the water and grabs the body, for a moment the Stag Lord comes back to live and Davik drowns him. His +1 ranseur washes up on the shore as a final gift from Davik.

All PCs gained 2,037 XP

All PCs gained 10.300 GP


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