Greenbelt Fully Explored!

Session 22

We finish exploring the western part of the GreenBelt.

During that exploration we encountered Forest Drake.


We found a Cloak of Elvenkind.

We returned to town and turned in three quests.

Drake Head -
1,200 GP

Shambling Mound Slime -
1,200 GP in potions

Troll’s Blood -
600 GP
3 Cure Moderate Wounds

When we come back to town Svetlana showed us a cloth symbol that I was able to identify as the Goddess Gyronna, who is a mad goddess. After some discussion we decide to check out the old fort to see if there any active worshiper of Gyronna.

We gather up all of the women who look like they might be worshipers of Gyronna and one of them turned out to be a worshiper of Gyronna. After questioning her we discover that there was a total of 7 Gyronna worshipers. She is able to tell us about gathering two days hence.

We show up and capture the 6 other Gyronna worshipers. We found the following treasure my defeating all of the cultists.

Leather Armor
Masterwork Dagger
Hags Shabble – 3400GP
36 GP
25 GP

We also hear rumors of Ceratioidi on living on the bottom of the lake.

We reach an agreement with them that they will inform us if any other creatures inhabit the bottom of the lake.

Everyone gains 1075 XP and 1040 GP and 2 SP and 5 CP



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