The Troll Cavern

Session 21

We spent the night in H43. Then we make our way into H50.

A huge deadfall of trees and brambles lies in a mossy heap here, a mountain in miniature left from a violent windstorm several seasons ago. Numerous cave- like hollows can be found throughout the deadfall.

Gen was able to discover a cave that was larger than normal and we were able to determine that the creature was still inside. We began to make a large amount of noise.

Spikes cover the body of this vaguely reptilian creature, jutting forth from nearly every angle. The beast’s gaping mouth is filled with dagger-sharp teeth, and a sinister crimson glow fills its eyes. Squat and powerful, the creature’s arms terminate in massive clawed feet just as suited to digging as to rending a foe limb from limb.


We were easily able to dispatch this creature. While searching it’s den we were able to find some treasure:

3 Hand Axes
1 Masterwork Great Axe
+1 Studded Leather Armor
+1 Keen Spear

We explore the rest of H50 and do not find anything else of note.

The next day we head into H57.

Early in the morning we were attacked by a group of 9 worgs.


After a mighty victory we explored the the rest of the hex.

During our exploration we came upon large humanoid creature tracks. With Gen’s help we are easily able to follow them to the troll’s lair.

A narrow path winds its way up the hill, a steep cliff face on one side and a sheer drop-off on the other. At the top, the path follows a wide ledge, where the corner of a weathered stone building juts from the side of the hill.

Thorn and Lyndis is able to identify the weather building as dwarven stone work.

We make our way into the keep and faced off against 3 trolls.


Between the three trolls we found the following:

2,340 SP
5,890 GP

We then explore to the south.

A wide flight of stone stairs leads up to a circular chamber with a high ceiling. A foul stench fills the air, emanating from the layers of filth caked on the floor.

Finding nothing else of note we head to the west.

A large stone table takes up the center of this large chamber, whose walls are decorated with ancient carvings that have been defaced and vandalized with crude graffiti in several languages. A headless humanoid corpse lies atop the bloodstained table.

As we continue exploring the keep we encounter another troll and two troll hounds.


We head to the north.

Three thick chains are bolted to the northern wall, and the floor is covered with bones, half-eaten rotting meat, and mounds of foul-smelling dung.

Find two more troll hounds chained up and we also murder them.

We then head to the east and the stone work quality drops dramatically, looking much more rough worked than dwarven worked.

Stacked boxes, barrels, crates, and bags fill this room from floor to ceiling and line the crude wooden shelves along the walls. A rough hole gapes in the southern wall, leading deeper into the hillside.

We find enough resources to count as 4BP once we are able to transport it back to our country.

We continue done the rough tunnel.

The rough tunnel widens into a thirty-foot-high natural cavern hung with dripping stalagmites. Gnawed bones litter the floor, while the northern portion of the room holds a collection of severed, humanoid heads arranged around a large circle drawn on the floor with dried blood.

There we were faced with a massive two headed troll.


After dispatching this ugly foe we then searched the area for treasure.

+2 Amulet of Natural Armor
1902 SP
888 GP
Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone

We then track backwards slight and continue to follow the rough tunnel.

This floor of this wide cavern is littered with half a dozen pallets made of branches, leaves, and smelly, uncured hides.

Traveling even deeper we find a troll ladder.

The air in this cavern seems somewhat cooler than that of the rest of complex, but the stench of decaying flesh hangs heavy in the air. Along the walls are stacked the carcasses of dozens of beasts, from foxes and wolves to deer and elk, as well as a couple of horses and what appears to be a skinned bear. The southern portion of the room holds a grislier collection of corpses: the bodies of several humanoids, from gnomes and halflings to humans and elves. Most of the cadavers seem to have been decapitated.

Upon entering we are attacked by a rock troll.


After some discussion Caigwen reveals that we need to take the Rock Troll into the sunlight to kill it. So we begin the process of getting the Rock Troll into sunlight, Thorn hears and understands a troll call out.

He and Thorn being to banter.

Looking into him chamber we see the creature.


The ceiling of this cavern arches thirty feet overhead. A wagon with its wheels removed sits against the eastern wall, heaped with smelly furs, and a single barrel stands in the southwest corner. Against the northern wall, a crude throne carved from a giant tree stump sits atop a makeshift dais made of boulders, with a large bearskin spread on the floor before it.

Right as the fight with the troll leader starts, Caigwen Dimension Doors the Rock Troll body outside.

Looting the Troll Leader we find.

+1 Hide Armor
+1 Darkwood Thundering Wood Morningstar
Necklace of Fireballs (2 4d6, 3 2d6)

Small statue of a dragon carved from exotic wood worth 200 gp
Gold necklace with a jade pendant worth 500 gp
Several pieces of minor jewelry worth a total 750 gp
Five medium quality gemstones worth 100 gp each
Three bottles of fine wine worth 15 gp each
Engraved silver tankard worth 50 gp,
1,484 cp
3,550 sp
652 gp

Tacked to the western wall of the cavern is a large map drawn on the back of a thylacine hide. Several locations, including the troll lair and the PCs’ town, are marked on the map, some marked with large X marks along with several arrows and other marks showing planned raids and routes of attack. Thorn, after some study can tell that the trolls have been carrying out a series of organized, planned attacks in the region against locations where civilization has intruded on the Stolen Lands.

Everyone gains 4200XP and 5258 GP 7 SP 6 CP


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